I made my first Youtube video! Meet Mama Lai

Mama Lai and I launched our first youtube video!

Watch this short 3 minute video to learn:
– Who Mama Lai is
– What she does in her free time
– Her thoughts on the NBA finals
– Her plans during the NBA off-season
– The key to cooking good chicken
– Words of wisdom

I’ve been talking about doing a video for a few months, and I’m proud of myself for finally creating one. Perfectionism can stand in the way from doing something. During the creation process, these thoughts definitely ran through my head:

“I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not a video producer.”

“This editing isn’t good enough. The color and sound can be better. I want it to look more professional.”

“Eesh, I look awkward.”

And you know what? It’s important to START. Things can always be better, but if I wait until things are perfect, I’ll never produce anything.

It took a lot of work to learn something from scratch. And I hope to do more videos. More NBA insights to come!

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