28 thoughts I have when swimming:
a thought for every lap

I swim a mile each time I go to my local pool. That’s 28 laps. One lap is two lengths of the pool.

I swim more for my mental health than physical health. Swimming provides a place for me to clear my mind and process my thoughts.

Take a peek into Jo’s mind during a pool swim. Here’s what I think about during each lap (G-rated version):

#1: Ahhh, the water! No cell phone zone. All is okay in the universe.

#2: Focus on breathing. Focus on my freestyle stroke. Mind that elbow.

My swimming form is… not like this.

#3: I’m tired. How many more laps do I have to swim?

#4: Okay, refocus. Let me use this time to pray. “God, I’m stressed about…”

#5: WAIT, do I see a man in scuba gear?! This local pool sure has characters.

My reaction to half the things I see at my local pool.
#6: I like that lady’s swimsuit. And her swim cap with shark fins on it.

#7: This guy with the yellow cap keeps passing me up. His form is on point.

#8: Okay, back to praying. “God, you know I’ve been thinking about…”

#9: BAUGH, BAD FLIP TURN! Water is my nose!!!

I often feel this way when swimming.
#10: I can’t breath! My nostrils have forsaken me! I hate swimming.

#11. That’s the second time yellow cap guy passed me. Do I swim that slow?

#12: I have to respond to that work email. Reach out for that partnership.

#13: Prep for the phone call. Work with the designer. Prioritize, Jo. Pray.

#14: Wow, that swimmer has really nice abs. Oh, he’s the Australian guy.

#15: Cheers, mate. And I’ll do a plank later. Oh, there’s my friend Catherine!

#16: My swim cap is falling off. I have too much hair.

#17: Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Am I fulfilling my calling on earth?

#18: What should I eat for breakfast? I have two eggs left in the fridge.

I love breakfast. And Leslie Knope.

#19: How many laps have I swam?

#19: Am I on lap 19 or 20? I’ll go with 19 to be safe.

#20: I’m in the 20’s! Nearing the end.

#21: I’ve been doing freestyle most of this time. Let me change it up.

#22: Never mind, my breaststroke is way too slow.

#23: That person’s form is really funky. Do I too look like a flailing fish?

At least my form is better than this.
#24: Christmas is coming up. What should I get my Secret Santa?

#25: Ugh, I hate shopping. I hate consumerism. Let me move to Amish land.

#26: Two laps left! Let me push myself!

#27: Eh, or not. Take it easy. Cool down. That’s what pros do. I think.

#28: LAST LAP! Wahoo! Best part of the workout. Yes, I’m DONE. Swimming is great; I feel so much better! This is like a therapy session for me!

And that, my friends, is how endorphins work.

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a thought for every lap

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